What Are Some Farm Jobs?


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Some different types of farming jobs include caring for the animals, tending to crops and being a farm manager. Groundskeepers, animal breeders and animal husbandry professionals all perform work on farms.

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There are many jobs on a farm that deal with animals, such as being an animal breeder, animal control officer or animal husbandry professional. Some veterinarians also work for various farms in a specific area, in addition to having their own veterinarian practice. Some animal husbandry jobs specialize in a certain type of animal on a farm, such as cattle or horses.

Mechanics often work on farms, helping to maintain and repair different types of farm equipment. It is not uncommon for someone to be an operator of farming equipment but also have the skills needed to inspect equipment and perform basic repairs. Farms also have farm managers who work on the operation and financial side of a farm.

Farms have people tending to the grounds, including a gardener, groundskeeper and greenhouse worker or manager. A gardener might tend to small gardens, while the main farmer works with larger areas of crops. Separate employees work in the greenhouse and keep it maintained properly. Many general labor jobs are also available on farms, including feeding the animals, cleaning the barns and watering crops.

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