How Do You Find Faculty Jobs With Online Universities?

How Do You Find Faculty Jobs With Online Universities?

Websites that specialize in job searches for college faculty, such as, are a good place to start looking for teaching jobs at online universities. The website features a search tool that can search only for online teaching positions in specific subject areas. The Higher Ed Jobs website had more than 153,000 job openings at more than 5,000 educational institutions in 2014, as stated on its website.

While online teaching may be an appealing form of teaching, it is also a career that is difficult to break into given the competition for jobs. Prior to searching for online teaching opportunities, set a few goals and make a self-assessment of skills, states

The following shows how to search for faculty jobs at online universities via the Higher Ed Jobs website.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Type into the browser and press enter.

  3. Select Advanced Search on the search tool
  4. Click on the "Advanced Search" button on the search tool on the Higher Ed Jobs home page.

  5. Set the parameters for the search
  6. Use the filters to find specific online teaching jobs. These filters include the job category, position and institution type. Select only Online/Remote on the Location category. Click on the Search Jobs button to launch the search.