What Factors Should Small Businesses Consider When Creating Professional Logos?


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Great logos share four qualities. They should be unique and stand out from the crowd, and they should be scalable so that the company can use it across different media. Great logos are also both appropriate and timeless.

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Inc.com recommends making the logo unique by steering away from overused symbols such as globes and arrows. A good design tip is to remember that the logo need not explain what the company sells; for example, Apple Inc. does not sell apples, yet its logo is effective. When designing a logo, consider whether it is visually effective on a small-scale, such as on business cards, as well as in larger fliers or print ads. Again, the Apple logo is a good example of a simple logo that works on a small or large scale. In addition, the designer should keep in mind the product as well as the target market of the logo, and design with that demographic in mind. A kitschy, fun logo is not appropriate for a bank, for example. A timeless logo has clean, neutral lines. The creator of the 40-year old "I Love NY" logo, Milton Glaser, notes that the slogan is symmetrical and modernist, and its simplicity is the logo's key to its longevity.

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