What Factors Should You Consider When Renting a Home in Michigan?


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Among the most important considerations for those who are thinking of renting a home in Michigan are the key landlord-tenant laws in the state. These laws are those that address both the rights of the tenant and the landlord as well as other issues including security deposits, leases, rent and fees, according to Landlordology.com.

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Landlord-tenant laws change often and may vary from county to county. With this in mind, both the tenant and the landlord should educate themselves more about important rental laws and how to apply them to their unique situation.

For prospective renters who are looking for rental houses, or for any other type of dwelling for that matter, it is a good idea to find background information about the landlords or property management companies once they find a rental home that they like. Asking around the neighborhood and asking past tenants about the landlord is a good starting point, according to MichiganLegalAid.org.

If the landlord appears to be someone with whom the renters can get along well, the next step is to inspect the house. Check for things such as dripping faucets, faulty toilets and dripping pipes. Ask the landlord about any unseen issues with the house.

According to rental laws in Michigan, as of 2015 landlords have to ensure the habitability of a residential lease, make reasonable repairs if necessary and comply with applicable health and safety laws. If everything seems to be in order, take time to read the lease agreement carefully to make sure that everything in it is fair and reasonable.

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