What Are Some Factors That Influence Magazine Advertising Costs?


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Factors that determine a magazine's advertising costs include the circulation and distribution of the magazine, the size and placement of the advertisement, and whether the advertisement is in color or black and white, reports Entrepreneur. Magazines usually offer discounts if customers run advertisements in multiple issues.

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Advertising in large national magazines is much more expensive than in regional or local magazines, according to Entrepreneur. However, some national magazines offer advertising in sections aimed at specific regions, which is less expensive than full national advertising. Optionally, smaller businesses can choose to run less expensive advertisements in magazines with limited circulations whose readership directly reflects the businesses' target audiences. These include magazines that local shops distribute freely.

The size of an advertisement affects its cost, but a full-page advertisement impacts a reader more dramatically than a smaller one, explains the Houston Chronicle. Additionally, the positioning of an advertisement on the inside front or back cover or near the front of the magazine may be more effective but also costs more than advertisements in other positions. Businesses that run series of advertisements in magazines pay less per advertisement than those who run only one advertisement. Often magazines charge only a very small extra fee, if any, to also place the advertisement on their websites, points out Entrepreneur.

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