What Factors Do Experts Consider When They Calculate Pipe Replacement Costs?


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For water pipes, experts consider the cause and location of the damage, the material of the pipe, the pipe's accessibility and labor time when calculating pipe replacement costs. For gas pipes, experts consider the unique safety requirements of replacing them.

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The main causes of water pipe damage include very cold temperatures and serious clogs. The cost of repair depends on whether the pipe is made of polyvinyl chloride, copper or steel. Different causes and materials require different repair procedures and preventative measures. A frozen pipe that has not burst may cost less to repair than a frozen pipe that has burst.

A pipe in a basement or crawl space that is easy-to-access costs less to repair than a hard-to-access pipe inside a wall or underground. Damaged water pipes under concrete slab foundations cost considerably more to repair. Experts also calculate whether the repair is an emergency service or not, with emergency services costing more. Sometimes, spot repairs put pressure on the rest of the pipes in the house, and the owner may have to replace the entire plumbing. The cost of replacing the plumbing in the entire house depends on the size of the house and the type of material used.

Gas pipes are not as time-consuming to repair, but the procedure can be hazardous. Experts factor in unique safety requirements when calculating the cost of repairing gas pipes to heating systems and appliances.

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