What Factors Affect the Value of One Ounce of Silver?


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The price of silver fluctuates with its ability on the open market, according to Investopedia. While half of the production of silver in the history of the world has taken place since 1946, production appears to be leveling, if not declining, which could influence future prices.

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What Factors Affect the Value of One Ounce of Silver?
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As of 2015, a number of different factors influence the price of silver. It usually comes from ore that also contains gold, zinc and copper. Copper remains popular because of its applications in new home construction, and exploration for copper generally yields silver as well. However, silver has applications in film photography, even with the popularity of digital pictures. Silver is also used in switches and circuits within the electronic industry due to its conductivity, as stated by Investopedia.

Solar panels utilize silver paste to draw power from the photovoltaic cells, and as solar power becomes more popular, more silver is slated to go to manufacturing. Silver often follows the price of gold, although the relationship is not set in stone. Some investors use silver and other precious metals to hedge against fluctuations in currency as the dollar's value drops. All of these factors, taken together, influence the market price of silver, notes Investopedia.

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