What Are Some Facilities Maintenance Jobs?


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Facilities maintenance jobs typically involve work as a technician to ensure the proper functioning of equipment and other items within a specific area, such as a factory, residential community, office building or farm. The roles may include a specialization in a specific area or general knowledge of engineering concepts, with some roles placing an emphasis on managing a team of technicians over the actual repair work.

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Careers in the field of facility maintenance involve a variety of technical skills to ensure all the mechanical components and systems within an area operate in an efficient and safe manner. One common area for these jobs is the maintenance of a residential property, often an apartment building or rental community. This job involves maintaining the outdoor systems, which can include irrigation for shared areas or a swimming pool, as well as making specific repairs on individual units. Many office or commercial environments feature a similar role, with additional work to manage HVAC systems or electrical wiring.

Factories are another common environment that offers facilities maintenance careers, wherein the technician is responsible for both the general grounds as well as specific machinery and tools. These jobs may require additional specializations or certification to work with the equipment on site, depending on the nature and scope of the production that takes place. It is also common for various types of facilities maintenance jobs to include the management of a team of workers or responsibilities to work with outside contractors.

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