How Do You Face an Interview If You Are Nervous?


Interviews inherently come with pressure to perform. For candidates who really want a position, pressure leads to feelings of nervousness. Controlling nerves allows an interviewee to deliver the best performance.

  1. Prepare and practice

    The best way to manage nerves is to practice and prepare, according to Forbes. Research the company and position, and review the most important points to get across. Have a friend offer potential questions and practice delivering clear, concise answers. Get comfortable with the key qualities and strengths you want to communicate.

  2. Show up early

    Arriving about 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled interview removes the potential for last-minute anxiety that results from being late. It also allows you the opportunity to use the restroom and take a few deep breaths.

  3. Make it a conversation

    Consider the interview a conversation with another human being. Share some informal small talk or make a subtle joke at the start to calm the nerves. View the interview as a chance to demonstrate personal qualities and specific accomplishments.

  4. Keep things in perspective

    The interview is not a life-or-death experience. If an offer doesn't come this time, it's okay; other job opportunities are available. Maintaining proper perspective makes it easier to normalize emotions and deliver articulate answers.