How Do You Get an EZMoney Loan?


To obtain an EZMoney Payday Loan, the borrower should satisfy several requirements, such as being employed in a full-time job, earning at least $800 per month and having an active checking or savings bank account. Other requirements include the borrower being paid weekly, biweekly, twice a month or monthly and at least 18 years old. If the borrower satisfies all these requirements, he may then apply for an EZMoney Payday Loan.

EZMoney Loans is a subsidiary of EZCorp, an American pawnshop operator specializing in consumer lending and signature loans. Based in Austin, Texas, EZCorp started its operations in 1989. It has since expanded to more than 750 locations worldwide as of 2015. The EZMoney brand is the company's first stand-alone chain of loan stores and its operations began in 2003.

The following shows how to obtain an EZMoney payday loan.

  1. Prepare documents for approval
  2. Documents to support the loan requirements must be prepared beforehand before applying. These requirements include a full-time employment, salary paychecks that are at least worth $800 per month, salary payments that show weekly, biweekly, twice-a-week or monthly payments and proof of age.

  3. Complete the online application
  4. Go to the EZMoneyLoansUSA website and navigate to the online application. Fill up the online form and then click submit.

  5. Confirm and then wait for approval
  6. If a loan is approved an EZMoney representative will call the borrower to confirm. The money should appear in the account of the borrower in one business day.