How Do You Find an EyeMed Insurance Provider?


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To find an EyeMed insurance provider, visit the EyeMed provider locator page, enter your ZIP code, choose a network from the drop-down list, select any other important information from the choices offered and then click Get Results. The provider locator results may vary from your actual network providers if you are not yet enrolled in an EyeMed plan, states EyeMed.

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EyeMed members can login to see an exact list of providers in their area. Calling in advance to confirm that a provider confirms accepts your EyeMed plan is recommended by EyeMed. This is true for both plan members and for those who are researching available plans and providers.

Network choices in the drop-down list are, Access, Insight, Select, Advantage and I Don't Know. Check your ID card or open enrollment materials to locate the name of your network. For the What Else Is Important category, options are Hours and Scheduling, Services, Products and Frame Brands, according to EyeMed.

Provider search results do not include laser vision corrections surgeons or options for using benefits online. As of 2015, a toll-free phone number is provided on the results page to check for these options. Names, addresses, phone numbers, distance, days and hours of operation are provided on the results page, as reported by EyeMed.

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