What Do EyeMed Insurance Programs Cover?

eyemed-insurance-programs-cover Credit: Daniel Zedda/CC-BY 2.0

EyeMed insurance programs cover the cost of the eye exam (minus program copay), the cost of lens (minus program copay) and a frame allowance when those covered visit an in-network physician. Those insured who visit an out-of-network physician must pay all upfront costs and submit reimbursement paperwork to EyeMed.

In addition to ultraviolet treatment and scratch-coating allowances for lens (the value of these allowances depend on the program type), EyeMed provides a 40 percent discount on the second pair of glasses. Those insured also may receive a 20 percent discount on any frame balance remaining after reaching coverage limits and a 20 percent discount on any eyewear item not covered under an EyeMed insurance program, including non-prescription sunglasses. Additional benefits may vary based on the type of vision program selected.

EyeMed insurance programs also include contact lens and Lasik discounts for those looking for an alternative to prescription eyewear. After signing up for vision insurance, those insured can view and print ID cards, locate in-network vision care providers, schedule exam appointments, view benefits and file out-of-network reimbursement claims. As of 2015, EyeMed has 65,000 vision care providers in-network. Retail chains such as LensCrafters, Target Optical, Pearle Vision and Sears Optical are listed as in-network providers.