What Is the Exxon Mobil Corporation's Stock Split History?


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The Exxon Mobil Corporation's stock split history started in July 1976 with a two-for-one split, which means that for every share that was owned before the split, a shareholder received two shares after the deal went through, according to Stock Split History. The global oil company went on to split its stock four more times, the last as of 2015 being in July 2001.

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The remaining three stock splits took place in June 1981, September 1987 and April 1997. The company's main assets are in the oil and natural gas business, and it is quoted as holding more than 25 billion barrels in oil reserves as of December 2013, according to the Dividend Channel.

All of the corporation's stock splits have been two-for-one and, because of its large holdings, these splits haven't affected the stability of the stock. In a two-for-one split, the value of the stock is lowered significantly, but the reduced price tag can also help to attract new groups of interested buyers.

In addition to global holdings of oil reserves, the Exxon Mobil Corporation has investments in electric power. It produces a wide range of products from its oil refinement processes, including plastics, petrochemicals, polyurethane, olefins and aromatics.

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