What Is an Extractor Machine?

What Is an Extractor Machine?

Any machine used to extract something, be it juice from fruit or cleaner from a carpet, is an extractor machine. Extractor machines have diverse usages, from cosmetic to industrial.

The two most common extractor machines are juicers and carpet or upholstery cleaners. Juicers employ a centrifugal machine similar to the hydro-extractors used in the textile industry. It works by spinning the fruit around and separating the juice from the pulp.

Extractor machines are common in the carpet cleaning industry. Steam cleaning is actually the method of cleaning carpets using a hot water extraction method. Equipment sprays hot water and cleaner onto the carpet then vacuums it back up right away. High-grade extractor machines employ a high-pressure spray and extraction disc, allowing the machine to work forwards and backwards. A smaller version of these machines are used to clean upholstery.

Extractor machines are also used in extracting oil from vegetables, seeds and other botanicals.These utilize expeller-pressing machines to extract the oil from olives, coconuts or seeds. The expeller-pressing machine squeezes raw materials with continuous pressure, creating friction. Oil seeps through tiny openings, leaving behind fibers and other solids. Waste comes out the other end.

Aestheticians also use extractor machines for facials. These machines are suction-based, meaning they vacuum out dirt, oil and impurities. They can also be used on blackheads.