How Do You Find Extra Sunday Coupon Inserts?


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Make friends with the newspaper carrier in your neighborhood, and ask for extra coupon inserts each week. Ask neighbors, friends, relatives and co-workers to give you their inserts if they don't plan to use them. Visit your local recycling center and ask to sort through their bins for the inserts.

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High-rise condominium developments and apartment complexes often have recycling centers where they collect items before the city comes to pick them up. Ask the manager if the center would allow you to pick through their paper recycling for the inserts. Look through free paper stands that contain community papers at no charge, and grab a couple of copies if they have coupon inserts.

Convenience stores, gas stations and grocery stores return the newspapers that they do not sell. Ask the manager if you can come by and pull out the coupon inserts from unsold papers. Start a coupon exchange with other people who gather the coupons, and trade the coupons you don't want to use for extra copies of the ones that you want. As a last resort, you can buy multiple papers or look through your neighbors' recycling bins before city pickup. Over time, the savings from using coupons can make a huge difference in your finances.

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