What As "external Recruitment"?

external-recruitment Credit: Steve Debenport/E+/Getty Images

External recruitment is a strategy of seeking new employees from a prospect pool outside the company, according to Mark Applegate for the Houston Chronicle. It is used in addition to or instead of an internal recruiting program. Companies seek external candidates to increase the number and quality of applicants or to invite fresh perspectives into the organization.

Companies promote job openings to outside candidates through various media, including newspapers and online job boards. Large employers may even use billboards to reach a broader local market. Job fairs are another common method for reaching external candidates. Some employers use job search agencies, often known as headhunters, to strategically recruit highly qualified people, notes Applegate.

External recruiting is necessary when the internal pool for a given position is limited. In some cases, companies try to recruit candidates already performing a given position by offering a better compensation package. Applegate indicates that a primary benefit of going outside the company is to bring in fresh ideas. Workers inside the organization have been exposed to existing ideas, while new ideas help with innovation. External recruiting also helps a company develop and maintain a diverse workforce. A long-established company struggles to evolve with changing populations if it never brings in new people.