What Does an Extension Letter Typically Contain?


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A contract extension letter should contain the names and addresses of the involved parties, the effective date of the extension, the ending date of the extension, and the name and date of the original contract, according to Rocket Lawyer Incorporated. A request for an extension of time to make a payment must include the names of those involved, the due date of the next payment and a request for a specific amount of time, according to R.P. Emery & Associates.

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Additional important details for a contract extension letter are the names of any signatories for the involved parties and any amendments to the provisions of the original document, notes Rocket Lawyer Incorporated. An attachment of the original contract lets the involved parties see any changes clearly.

Requests for an extension of time to make a payment should also provide the lending party with a reason to approve the extension, such as a good payment record, as indicated by R.P. Emery & Associates. An indication of interest in maintaining a healthy relationship with the lending party also helps.

Important details to include in a lease extension letter are names of the landlord and tenant, the address, and the date of the original lease as well as a paragraph indicating mutual agreement about a specific time period for the extension, according to R.P. Emery & Associates. The letter must also specify the amount of rent to be paid during the extension period.

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