How Do You Get an Exploratory Interview?


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You can get an exploratory interview by networking with people you know personally, using online social networks and through referrals. It's important to identify what you want to learn about a career or an organization before identifying and reaching out to a professional who can assist you.

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Act professionally during the interview and ask for advice about the profession; never ask for a job during an informational interview. It is advisable to request informational interviews via email as compared to calling, since an email allows you to explain clearly why you want to connect with the interviewer. An introductory email should explain how you learned about the interviewer, what you are doing currently, and why you think the interviewer can be helpful.

Ask questions relating to the type of work done within the profession and the current state of the industry. These questions help you to gather inside knowledge about a profession and improve your chances of securing a job within the industry.

Follow up with the interviewer after the interview by sending a thank-you email or letter regardless of the outcome of the interview. Keep the initial connection alive by monitoring the company for any open positions and connecting with the interviewer and other people within the company regarding the positions.

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