How Do You Explain What a Marine Biologist Does for Kids?

How Do You Explain What a Marine Biologist Does for Kids?

Children should know that a marine biologist studies plants and animals that grow or live in the ocean. According to Science Kids, marine biologists research and assess a wide variety of sea life, including coral, plankton, eels and whales. Subjects important to marine biologists include biology, chemistry, math and physics. The minimum requirement for obtaining a job is a bachelor's degree in the subject.

Marine biologists may be asked to assess biological information, identify the species of marine animals, study ocean plants or research certain environmental effects.

Marine biologists work in various environments. The scientists may work at sea or in an office. Some marine biologists spend days submerged in the ocean with the help of a submarine. Many biologists work as a researcher or university professor. Other professionals who specialize in the subject work as researchers at pharmaceutical companies or in private labs.

According to Schmoop, marine scientists might concentrate on a specific type of research, such as analyzing whale calls or studying ocean currents and tides. Biologists often become adept at manning boats or using nets as a part of their research projects.

Approximately 70 percent of the earth is made up of water. Accordingly, anyone who enters the field of marine biology can discover much to explore.