What Are Some Expert Tips for Asking for a Raise?


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Expert tips for asking for a raise include focusing on highlighting your accomplishments to justify the pay increase, providing tangible proof of your value to the company and having a specific monetary value in mind before speaking to the manager. You should also learn the requirements for advancement prior to initiating a pay scale discussion to ensure the most effective actions.

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Before asking for a raise, you should speak to your supervisor to learn about the company's policy for pay increases and promotions. This allows you to create a detailed plan to accomplish each task and thus provide more direct proof of your value when you have the discussion. if the company has no concrete policy, asking helps stimulate a discussion about the subject, shows the supervisor that you are ambitious and allows you more freedom in creating value opportunities.

When you do ask for a raise, you should time it accordingly to line up with the completion of a major project or task so that your most recent accomplishments are clear. Avoid asking after the company experiences any financial hardships or if your supervisor is undergoing similar issues. Be sure to present multiple examples of how you add value to the company, citing the policy for advancement as necessary. You also need to know how much money you want in the raise, as this allows you to more effectively negotiate during the conversation.

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