What experience should be listed on a job application to work with zoo kangaroos?


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The best type of experience to list on a job application to work with kangaroos at a zoo involves either past experience working at a zoo or extensive knowledge of kangaroos. Experience working with kangaroos in other environments, such as at a wildlife preservation, is also helpful.

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Applying for a job to work with zoo kangaroos requires a set of work experience that demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to handle the kangaroos without extensive on-site training. One way to do this is to include information about previous zoo jobs working with animals, even if they are not kangaroos. By showing a familiarity with animal handling in a zoo environment, the applicant shows that there would be only minor training necessary to learn how to care for kangaroos specifically. The same is true of other animal handling or care jobs in different environments, although not every animal-related position is directly applicable to zoo work.

Other experience to include involves any educational courses taken on the subject of kangaroos, animal biology or zoo-related fields. For example, if the applicant has a college degree in zoology then the courses taken to earn that degree demonstrate applicable general knowledge. If the applicant took any courses that focused on kangaroos specifically or during any point, it should be included as well.

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