What Is an Expense Reimbursement Form?


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An expense reimbursement form is a document used to detail expenses incurred in the conduction of business and paid out-of-pocket. This form is used by employees or others engaged in conducting affairs on behalf of a business, organization or individual, Once expenses are approved, the reimbursement is distributed.

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What Is an Expense Reimbursement Form?
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Most organizations have detailed policies regarding which expenses are eligible for reimbursement. It is often an organization's financial controller who is responsible for approving the reimbursement of expenses. Expenses that are reimbursed vary among industries and institutions. It is important individuals ensure requests for reimbursement are for expenses covered by a particular organization; otherwise, the company can refuse repayment. People who attempt to receive reimbursement for expenses that are not approved or are deemed unnecessary or frivolous can face scrutiny of their spending and possibly criminal charges.

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