How Do You Get Expat Car Insurance in the U.K.?


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Obtain car insurance as an expat in the United Kingdom by first determining your eligibility and then visiting websites for companies that offer this service, such as Clements Worldwide, recommends Dayinsure and Clements. Use websites such as MoneyMaxim to search for car insurance quotes for expats.

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MoneyMaxim serves individuals such as those permanently moving abroad or simply working in the United Kingdom, according to the website. The services include those whose companies sent them overseas and those who are self employed and on a contract. However, MoneyMaxim does not provide services for expat retirees, house-spouses or students, as of 2015. Laws also restrict MoneyMaxim from services workers from certain trades, such as factory and hospitality workers, professional drivers, personal trainers, those in retail and those in catering.

Expats from the United Kingdom that are visiting home can purchase short-term insurance policies if they hold full U.K. or E.U. driving licenses and are 19 or over, states Dayinsure. However, those between the ages of 19 and 23 may have limitations.

Clements Worldwide offers insurance policies for expats across the globe, according to the company website. Policies typically include third-party liability coverage and physical damage coverage. Clements also adjusts policy requirements based on the country the expat resides in, such as the United Kingdom.

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