What Are Exhibition Bags?


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Exhibition bags, also known as trade show bags, are a type of tote that companies fill with various promotional materials or gifts and hand out for free at trade shows and other events. The bags typically feature some form of advertisement on the exterior, such as the company's name or product logo, and serve as a means of advertising.

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Many companies choose to offer exhibition bags at events to build good will with potential customers through the giving of free gifts, though the contents and designs of the bags vary considerably between company and industry. In most cases, the company uses a custom design on the exterior of the bag to make it stand out from other bags while also reinforcing its brand or increasing awareness of a new product. For example, a new technology company may place its logo on the bag to gain awareness, while a movie studio may place the image of an upcoming film to advertise its release date.

Each company chooses what items it places in the bag, which typically consist of a free item with varying functionality along with a flyer or pamphlet explaining its business or merchandise offerings. The use of free items allows the company to create a positive association with anyone who takes the bag, while the advertising works towards converting them into customers.

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