What Are Some Exercises for Improving Team Initiative?


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Exercises for improving team initiative include arranging off-site meetings, designating time where employees may ask questions and have an open discussion with the management team and creating an employee recognition and rewards system for suggesting new ideas. It also helps to hold seminars about the concept of initiative to help empower employees to take a more active role within the company.

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One method for encouraging a higher level of initiative within a team is to move to a new environment, removing them from the normal workplace routine to allow for open discussions and uninhibited planning. Similarly, the company may hold in-office sessions where the team can communicate openly with other members to discuss its goals and anything that may block process or growth. Both of these concepts help the employees feel that their work matters and empowers them to take a more active role in the functions of the company, thus allowing for more initiative.

Companies may create a rewards system for employees that focuses on offering recognition or compensation for actions that go beyond the standard job requirements. This shows employees that initiative has a direct benefit to them and encourages other employees to follow in the steps of those under initial recognition. Another option is to hold training sessions that outline different ways employees can take more initiative, including specific actions and guidelines for the process.

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