What Does an Executive Producer Do?


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An executive producer is responsible for coordinating and overseeing all aspects of an entertainment project such as a TV show or film. It is the executive producer who is responsible for ensuring that the production is marketable, high quality and has an adequate production budget. For films, an executive producer is commonly responsible for raising funding. Some executive producers manage project budgets throughout the production.

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In addition to financing responsibilities, an executive producer often has to juggle other tasks such as steering a project through its developmental stages. For instance, the executive producer on a film project has meetings with talent agents to secure A-list actors for the project. He may use connections to hire a producer and director of his choice. After quality talent is attached to the project, it may get approved for production by a major film studio.

Executive producers have slightly different roles depending on whether the project is in film, music, radio or television. For instance, an executive producer for a television series may be the actual creator of the series and the head writer. His job may focus more on the creative aspects of show development and production and less on budgeting. In a similar vein, executive producing a music album often involves coordinating musicians, songwriters, studio technicians, distribution and marketing.

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