What Are Some Excuses for Making a Late Payment?

Typical excuses for making a late payment include forgetting to make the payment, waiting to receive payment from a client or employer, not having the money to pay and not having anyone present to prepare or authorize a payment. The infamous "check's in the mail" excuse attempts to place the blame for the late payment onto the mail service.

Other excuses for late payment include not receiving the bill, not receiving the goods being billed for, being too busy to pay the bill and switching banks. Creditors rarely believe excuses given for late payment, many of which seem implausible in most circumstances.

When creditors hear these excuses, they should recognize them as an acknowledgement that the debt is owed. Taking the excuse at face value and working with the customer to find a way to get the payment is often key to solving the late payment problem.

Those who are late paying their bills should schedule time for bill paying, linking this time to the arrival of any regular income to make sure the money isn't misspent. Keeping all bills in one place for easy access and paying bills online for convenience are other techniques to help stay caught up. Paying bills late can result in lowered credit scores as well as late fees.