How Do You Exchange Currency?

How Do You Exchange Currency?

How Do You Exchange Currency?

Determine the currency you need to exchange and the currency you wish to get in return, such as U.S. dollars to Euros. Use an online rate exchange calculator, and determine the day's exchange rate to ensure you get the best rate possible.

  1. Use your bank

    Bring the currency you wish to exchange to your bank. Inform a teller that you are an account holder at the bank and would like to request a currency exchange. Present the currency for exchange to the teller for counting.

  2. Request the current exchange rate

    Ask the teller for the rate at that moment, as exchange rates fluctuate throughout the day. After the teller counts the currency while dispensing it to you, count the currency you received in front of the teller.

  3. Use your ATM or debit card and an ATM

    While traveling, use your ATM or debit card at an ATM if exchanging currency from your nation's money to the currency of the country you are visiting. ATMs often offer the best exchange rates with the lowest exchange fees, making ATMs the best option for currency exchange while traveling internationally.

  4. Check the ATM screen for exchange amounts

    After inserting your card into the ATM, hit the button to request a withdrawal in your native language. For example, if using an American debit card in a European nation that uses Euros, request the withdrawal and view the conversion rates, then hit Accept. Count the money as the machine dispenses it to ensure accuracy.