How Is an Excellent Cover Letter Written?


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An applicant can craft a powerful letter by keeping the letter short and presenting the strongest points. Whether applying for a dream job or a position after a long time without work, a job applicant will want an excellent cover letter that leads to an interview. Improving the cover letter can be the first step to a great new job.

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  1. Present fresh information that's not on the resume
  2. While the cover letter is a great place to expand on information contained in an applicant's resume, don't just make the cover letter a longer-form resume. Share some information not presented on the resume to really stand out, Forbes suggests.
  3. Stick to about three paragraphs
  4. To not overwhelm a hiring manager, keep the length of the cover letter to about three paragraphs. In the first paragraph, the applicant should explain about their background and why they want the position. In the second, talk about what they can bring to the company and in the third give contact information and present a strong closer, career resource The Ladders offers.
  5. Convert to PDF
  6. The little bit of extra time that an applicant spends converting their cover letter to PDF could be the difference between getting an interview or not. Avoid formatting confusion with a PDF so that the cover letter doesn't go straight to the hiring manager's email trash bin, Forbes advises.
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