What Are Some Free Excel Tests for Interviews?


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Some free Excel tests that can help a job-seeker brush up on potential interview questions or skill evaluations include the ones available at MS-IQ.com and ISOGrad.com. WizIQ.com and TestsTestsTests.com also provide visitors with a series of tests to help in practicing their skills with Microsoft Excel.

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One tip to use Microsoft Excel better is to add more than one row or column instead of adding one at a time. To add more than one column or row, highlight the desired number in pre-existing rows, and then right-click to select Insert. Do this at any point during the process to create new rows and columns as the situation calls for them.

Establish pivot tables as necessary, as pivot tables help reorganize data in the spreadsheet and sum up different values and information. The pivot table selection is available from the Data tab, and there are several options for the table. A report filter brings up only a few chosen rows in the dataset, and column labels act as headers for the dataset. The row labels define the rows in the dataset the same way as columns do, and the value section allows users to average, maximize, minimize and count the values as they correspond to each individual section.

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