What are some examples for writing a brochure?


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A brochure is a small piece of paper, usually tri-folded, that explains a company or organization's services and purpose. A brochure can be made to focus on a specific group of people, or it can be designed to engage a broad audience.

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Most brochures provide information regarding a business or industry. It can be made to drive home the selling points of the services the business provides, or it can inform people about an upcoming event the organization is promoting. Brochures can focus on potential volunteers or members of the organization, future customers, potential funders, the press or the general public.

A typical brochure can have six panels, with the front cover including a title, the name of the company or organization and a logo. The front cover should interest the reader and make that person curious as to what may be inside. The inside of the brochure may have the features and benefits of the company listed, and it may explain what the company can do for the reader or what the reader can do for the organization.

When writing a brochure, the writer should keep the points simple and straight-forward while using smaller sentences and avoiding clich?s and redundancies.

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