What Are Some Examples of Work Reflections?


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Examples of work reflections include listing an employee's strengths and weaknesses in the work place. A good reflection or evaluation also focuses on an employee's strengths or talents that have benefited the company.

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A good work reflection catalogs the positive attributes of the employee, such as having good problem-solving skills. This section includes any accomplishments of which the employee is proud. The reflection contains examples from the most recent evaluation period that are specific to the employee's strengths and abilities. An employee should be prepared to explain to his supervisor why he is an asset to the company.

It is necessary for an employee to elaborate on things he can improve at work, as well. The language used in this section needs to be constructive and imply a desire for improvement. This section shows a supervisor that the employee is able to identify vulnerabilities but also find solutions to overcome or change them.

The reflection concludes with a section dedicated to the employee's results on the job. This is an appropriate section to list successful accounts, commendations, successful implementation of an improved system, client reviews or work completed. The more specific the employee is, the more information his supervisor has to use in a recommendation for a raise or promotion.

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