What Are Some Examples of Work Discrimination?


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Some types of work discrimination include age, gender, disability and race discrimination. There can also be discrimination based on someone’s religion, national origin or pregnancy. Retaliation, sexual harassment and unfair pay can also be considered work discrimination.

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One of the more common types of work discrimination is against someone’s age. This occurs when someone is treated unfairly due to his age, whether this is against a young or old worker. An older adult who is denied a promotion because the supervisor feels he is too old for the job, even though he is capable of the job responsibilities, is a victim of discrimination. Failing to hire someone because he is young, even though he fits all the job requirements, is also discrimination.

If someone is not treated fairly in the workplace due to a current or past disability, that is discrimination under the Americans With Disabilities Act. This includes people who had a physical or mental illness in the past that they are now recovering from. Someone who had cancer and is in remission who is denied group benefits by the employer due to the supposed extra cost is being discriminated against.

Discrimination includes treating someone differently, unfavorably or unfairly due to his race, color or country of origin. This not only includes treating someone unfairly due to his race or color, but also if he is married to someone of a certain race or ethnicity. Denying training, reducing benefits, firing or laying off an employee due to his race or color is discrimination and against the law.

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