What Are Some Examples of Work Accomplishments?


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One example of a work accomplishment is successfully managing a large and diverse number of products from their inception through to their completion. Some employers may prefer to see these work accomplishments quantified into measurable numbers in order to more honestly represent positive employee impact at the workplace.

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An employee can also present achievements alongside the role he was fulfilling at the time. An example of this is the employee mentioning how as an apartment manager, his research into cost-effective suppliers helped lead to an annual savings amount of 40%. For jobs requiring quotas, a notable achievement is exceeding that daily quota number by a particular amount.

Another example of a work accomplishment is an employee's individual sales volume in comparison with another party. That party might be a peer worker, counterpart or competitor, or the employee's own previous sales volume. A great accomplishment for the employee to mention is anything he has done to generate a particular amount of money for the company and what percent of overall company revenue his contribution represents.

When mentioning work achievements, it is important for the employee to provide context for the reader. He may mention directing a sales team that generated a $15 million profit, but the reader needs to see that number compared to another number, such as a competitor's revenue, in order to understand how impressive it is.

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