What Are Some Examples of Wording on a Corporate Invitation?


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The wording for corporate invitations, especially those addressed to prospective clients, should be formal in tone and contain the necessary information about the event. A less formal tone is often used for intra-company events such as retirements or product launches.

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Corporate invitations may be full letters used to convey the importance of attending an event, or the invitations may be cards that state only the nature, time, location and date of the event. The most important information on a corporate invitation is when, where and why an event is taking place. Traditional wording cordially invites the attendee or asks for the honor of his presence. Longer, letter-style invitations explain the importance of the event in clear terms and a polite tone. An example of a letter invitation is available from Letters.org.

Shorter, card-style invitations do not need to describe the event, but these invitations should still use formal, polite language to request the attendee's presence while also providing the basic where, when and why information about the event. This style of invitation still uses phrases such as "You are cordially invited" or "The honor of your presence is requested," but depending on the nature of the event, may also use more light-hearted phrases. An example is a retirement invitation using the opening phrase, "He's taking off his tie for the last time." Sample wordings for a variety of corporate event invitations are found at their website.

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