What Are Some Examples of Wholesale Promotional Products?

Examples of wholesale promotional products include pens, bags, mugs, shirts and key chains. Other products may also include personal hygiene items such as lip balm, disposable items such as water bottles, technological items such as flash drives or single-use event items such as balloons.

Wholesale promotional items are a type of business merchandise that features a unique emblem or set of information printed onto the product to advertise a company or individual. Many wholesalers offer common office items such as pens, sticky notes and mouse pads, which typically allow only a short message about the company or individual. Larger items, such as shirts, tote bags or coffee mugs, may support longer messages or even custom images. Some companies offer higher levels of detail on the items, such as printing custom labels onto disposable water bottles or personal care items, which typically carry a higher cost.

The business placing the order is able to request a large number of the products at once, which often results in a discount on the per unit price. Many companies offer a wide array of promotional products to meet the different needs of companies, ranging from practical items with a long lifespan to novelty and single-use items. In each case, the company outlines the base price for the item, the cost of customization, the amount of customization available and the different levels of discounts.