What Are Some Examples of Things to Include on a Personal Appraisal?


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A list of professional contributions for the year is one important thing to include on a personal appraisal. Emphasize triumphs in the workplace without being arrogant to highlight accomplishments, being sure to offer examples and explanations, according to Harvard Business Review.

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Something else to include on a personal appraisal is any desire for career advancement or additional responsibilities. Employees should thoughtfully include statements about what parts of their jobs they have enjoyed the most and what future projects they would like to be included in. If the employee is requesting additional responsibilities, give specific qualifications and relevant experience. Employees should reference any missteps and mistakes they have encountered the previous year. However, language should lean toward how the employee learned from the mistake and moved on and should be presented in as positive a light as possible.

Managers submitting personal appraisals should take the opportunity to express their investment in the betterment and development of the employees they oversee. Managers can include questions about where the company would like to see the employees focus more of their efforts on a day-to-day basis or ask for more information about current employee interests so the managers can improve, states Harvard Business Review.

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