What Are Some Examples of Teamwork in the Workplace?

Max Dereta/Stone/Getty Images

Some examples of teamwork in the workplace include brainstorming, mentoring and strategic division of duties, according to the Houston Chronicle. Carefully planned teamwork strategies contribute to greater speed and efficiency of work; healthy, trusting employee relationships; and improvement in the company’s productivity.

A brainstorming meeting is a way to strengthen a team unit by asking for and valuing the creative input of all team members. The resulting range and variety of ideas and opinions put forth in the meeting highlight possible options and create direction for the company’s future development. The collaboration of work for a shared purpose draws the group together and harnesses the power of teamwork.

A mentoring program is an example of teamwork between veteran employees and new or inexperienced employees. The veteran explains company policies, answers questions and offers support and guidance for the new hire. This expedites the transition to work process and develops positive staff relationships.

The strategic division of duties is a useful teamwork strategy when a deadline is rapidly approaching or there is a need to cover for staff on leave. By pitching in and taking over task segments, co-workers help to complete an employee’s urgent task more quickly. Taking on a co-worker’s workload assures continuous business service while allowing necessary time off.