What Are Some Examples of Soft Skills?


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Examples of soft skills include the ability to communicate effectively, literacy in different computer programs and devices, adaptability and working well in a team or group. Other soft skills include the ability to solve problems, thinking in a dynamic fashion, managing projects, maintaining a positive attitude towards work and conducting self improvement.

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Soft skills consist of any emotional or qualitative ability that does not have a direct, empirical method for measurement, compared to hard skills that have standards for proficiency, such as speaking a foreign language. Many soft skills revolve around the realm of communication, with the emphasis falling on the ability to convey information efficiently and clearly between different groups and people. This can include interpersonal communication, such as conversation skills, as well as communicating large amounts of information clearly through reports, charts or written messages.

Adaptability and dynamic thinking are also common soft skills, as they involve a person's ability to change to meet the needs of different projects and environments. It also relates to a person's ability to solve problems, which often involves analyzing information and finding a solution when one does not currently exist. Some employers also view a positive attitude as a valuable soft skill, as it can also relate to a strong work ethic or passion for a position or field of expertise.

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