What Do Examples of Free Sales Plans Include?


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Examples of free sales plans include company information, preparer information, the date, and plan details and criteria, shows Template.net. Another type of sales plan lists goals and advantages. The purpose of this plan is to maintain and manage customer accounts strategically.

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The first example begins with the company information, including its name, physical address, phone number, email address and web address. Under this section, the plan shows the preparer's name along with the current time period.

The next section lists the plan details and criteria. This has five columns, including objectives, tasks, success criteria, time frame and resources. After the list of team objectives is the tasks section, which describes what team members must do to accomplish the objectives. The success criteria column lists quantifiable measures that enable members to identify their success.

The time frame column states the exact deadlines for completing the objectives. The resources section lists the money, materials and other assets necessary to complete the objectives. The bottom of the page includes signature lines for someone to check and then approve the plan.

The second example is a plan using the company letterhead. For this plan, the company completes its yearly goals using the SMART acronym. This stands for being specific, using measurable goals, making attainable goals, and being realistic and timely. The plan ends with a list of the company's competitive advantages.

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