What Are Some Examples of Resume Objectives?


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A resume objective is something as simple as a desired job title or a desire to obtain a job that highlights an applicant's skills. An example of a common objective statement is, "I hope to excel in my field using the skills I have obtained over the last 10 years."

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In addition to general goals, resume objective statements also include specific goals, such as the applicant's desire to become an elementary teacher or to reach the executive level at a marketing firm. A statement about organizing an office or running an office staff is suited for people applying for jobs such as administrative assistant, project manager or office manager. Statements about growing a client base and revenue stream are suitable for customer service, sales and marketing jobs. Specialized fields, such as medicine, require particular objectives that pertain to the person's field of expertise.

Applicants are best-served tailoring resume objectives to match the job summary of the position to which they are applying. Applicants who use keywords and phrases from the summary are more likely to get an interview. This approach indicates that the person knows what they want in a job and pays attention to detail, which makes a good first impression on the employer.

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