What Are Some Examples of Record Highs for the S&P 500 Index?


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Examples of S&P 500 record highs include November 22, 2013, May 15, 2015 and March 24, 1995. The highs go up year after year as the records grow. The high reached in May 2015 was 2122.73, meaning that future highs would need to be above that point, as stated by The Wall Street Journal.

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The first record high was set on June 4, 1968, when the index surpassed 100 for the first time. The index has gradually grown, reaching a new milestone again in 1995, when it surpassed the 500-point mark. In November 2013, the record was 1804.76, as noted by Nasdaq.com. As the market grows, so will the points needed to set new records, which is possible to do quickly, depending on the state of the market.

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