What Are Some Examples of Proper Closings for Business Letters?


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Some examples of formal complimentary closes for business letters include “Sincerely” and “Respectfully Yours.” According to “Effective Business Letters,” examples of informal complimentary closes include “Cordially” and “Best Regards.” Strategies for proper closing paragraphs include thanking the contact, asking about availability for future contact and offers of assistance.

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Proper closings for general business letters should be brief, summarize the purpose of the letter and reiterate contact information and deadlines for deliverables or special business rates. Good closings help eliminate ambiguity, and they should be friendly but not too familiar, unless the writer knows the recipient. Closing paragraphs can also offer help, especially if further action is required on the part of the recipient or to repeat an apology for a mistake. Likewise, the complimentary close should be friendly and also formal.

The closings of business letters for which sender and recipient are well acquainted should still be brief but also less formal. Rather than the standard reiteration of purpose or contact information, they can include personal notes, such as, “It was nice to get a chance to talk face to face” or “I look forward to seeing you at the conference next week.” Complimentary closes such as, “Thanks” and, “Talk to you soon” are also appropriate.

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