What Are Some Examples of Process Recording?


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A process recording example is one where interns studying social work, psychiatric care or nursing describe what was observed in a client interview with as much detail and personal analysis as possible. It recalls the purpose and goals of client interactions, the setting, the participants and any future care plans.

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A thorough process recording allows the intern or student to describe an interaction with a client or patient from both an objective and personal viewpoint. It teaches the intern to analyze a situation and make a decision about how to proceed in the care or progression of the case. The most important aspect of a process recording is the section where interns give their impressions and feelings regarding the situation, the client and proper care in a column that runs parallel to the transcript.

A good process recording uses a reflection-on-action technique that helps an intern reflect on client interactions and how to improve either the client's care or the intern's future interactions. There is no academic formula used to create a process recording, but it provides an intern or student with the ability to explore, understand and question any problems presented in client practice.

Process recordings are as valuable as the effort put into them. They are a reflection of a student's questions and observations of treatment and are useful for instructors when evaluating an individual's understanding of the subject matter. A process recording offers an opportunity for strong mentorship or instruction to solidify the intern's or student's on-site training.

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