What Are Some Examples of Positive Characteristics?


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Examples of positives characteristics include diligence, cooperation and versatility. Enthusiasm, which refers to commitment to work, and openness, which refers to the quality of being honest and forthcoming, are other positive characteristics. These characteristics are especially useful when interviewing for employment, as long as the applicant demonstrates their relevance to the position.

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Diligence is the ability to endure challenges and to work hard and complete a project irrespective of how difficult it is to do so. For an interviewee to convince an interviewer that he is diligent, he should cite scenarios that indicate diligence. Explaining how he can handle urgent orders and mentioning specific strategies he can implement to ensure that the company clients receive what they want without delay are ways of demonstrating diligence.

Cooperation is the ability to work together with other employees of a company in harmony. The ability to cooperate with others indicates that the interviewee can build a good relationship with other employees to facilitate the achievement of the company's common goal. To demonstrate cooperation, the interviewee should cite specific occasions when he worked with other employees in unison to complete certain tasks. Versatility is the ability to maintain good performance despite changes in the work environment.

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