What Are Some Examples of Poll Questions?


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Examples of poll questions include asking the recipient if she approves of the actions taken by a public figure, inquiring about her level of satisfaction regarding a product, or asking how she would vote on certain laws and bills. Poll questions may also ask the recipient to rank several items, select a single item from a list as her preferred choice or provide a completely unrestricted response.

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Polls help to gather information about a particular topic with the intent of analyzing the results to create actionable future plans. One common use for polls is in the realm of politics, where members of a politician's staff conduct polling to gauge public opinion on the person or her actions. For example, the poll may ask constituents if they feel the politician is doing a good job in office or what they think she can do better. Poll questions may also focus on determining which political candidate constituents want to elect. Governmental agencies may use polls to understand the current needs of citizens, collecting personal information to help build demographics on household income, family size and ability to earn a living.

Similarly, many companies conduct customer satisfaction polls to find out how consumers feel about various brands and products. Companies also use polls to track the performance of customer service agents. Many entities also write survey questions that ask for a custom response, such as a favorite food or an ideal vacation location.

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