What Are Examples of Personal Job Goals?

One example of a personal job goal is to stop multitasking, and instead find ways to better manage time so that each task receives undivided attention. In fact, multitasking has been proven to cause a worker to be less efficient and less productive, according to a 2009 Stanford University report.

Another job goal is to become more active on the networking front. That means taking steps to build greater relationships with coworkers and others within a professional community. This can lead to hearing about job vacancies ahead of the public at large and other career-enhancing opportunities.

A related goal is to be more involved in social networking on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Following industry professionals, or just occasionally reading their posts, tweets and comments, can lead to gaining insight into how to work better, and it can also lead to a better understanding of where an industry is headed.

Professional development is invaluable for job security, so an important goal could be to become more educated. This is a good investment of time because it can lead to a higher salary or even a better position. There are many so-called massive open online courses, such as Khan Academy and Coursera, that offer courses on how to learn virtually anything, such as finance and coding, for example.