What Are Some Examples of Performance Indicators?


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Some performance indicator examples deal with financial metrics including measuring profit and net loss, analyzing costs, measuring sales by region or department and researching expenses and budget. Examples of performance indicators dealing with people metrics are analyzing employee turnover rate, quantifying applicants for open positions and researching employee satisfaction.

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One example of performance indicators that deals with customer metrics is understanding long-term customer relationships by narrowing down what strategies are most effective in each department or industry. Another indicator is analyzing customer satisfaction by utilizing multiple indicators, such as repeat customers or customers who were surveyed as having a satisfactory experience. One customer metric indicator covers researching customers lost and gained over a particular time period and identifying why the company did or did not meet those customer's needs.

One example of performance indicators deals with process metrics, such as the analysis of customer support tickets including resolved tickets and resolution times compared to the best departments in the industry. Another indicator is examining the percentage of product defects in a particular time frame compared to the factory's or company's operating hours. One process metrics indicator is measuring the efficiency of each department or industry, such as which departments are manufacturing a set number of units every hour.

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