What Are Some Examples of Performance Goals?

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Rutgers University performance goal examples for a staff associate include setting standards for handling files and course materials, updating databases and responding to emails. Administrative assistant goals may involve developing and monitoring a departmental budget and anticipating the needs of staff. Goals set for a dining manager may include motivating staff to provide friendly service and maintaining high food and dining standards.

Performance goals are usually highly detailed and tailored to a specific job position, as demonstrated by the Rutgers University examples. For example, performance goals outlined for a regional engineer involve assigning work tasks and ensuring that work is done within a reasonable time. Planning and implementation is a large part of the job, as well as maintaining adequate staff levels. Alternatively, performance goals for an associate director involve developing strategic plans for leaders and managers across the entire university. In addition, directors are to find and develop financial resources for programs, and provide supervision on multiple fronts.

Performance goals are more effective when utilizing the SMART goal system, which involves creating goals that are specific to the job, easily measurable, achievable by employees, highly relevant to organizational goals and timely. The SMART system is considered a better way to monitor performance, because it avoids setting vague goals that are too broad in scope, notes Mind Tools.