What Are Examples of Part-Time Work-From-Home Jobs?

What Are Examples of Part-Time Work-From-Home Jobs?


Examples of part-time, work-from-home jobs include sales, customer service, transcription, microtasking, virtual assisting and writing. Some home-based workers are employees of the companies they work for, whereas others are independent contractors who are in business for themselves.

Telemarketing and customer service are two common jobs workers do from home working part-time. Possible assignments include taking and processing orders, enticing customers to expand their orders, or responding to customer questions and complaints.

Home-based transcriptionists often start with general transcription. Experienced transcriptionists may specialize in legal or medical transcription or closed-captioning.

Microtask workers do small, computer-based tasks, and they're paid by the task. Companies that hire microtasking workers do so in order to break large jobs into very small pieces they can distribute across a large workforce.

Virtual assistants are administrative assistants who work remotely. Although jobs exist in many industries, some virtual assistants specialize in a particular industry, such as real estate.

Companies hire part-time writers to produce content for websites, blogs, ebooks and other digital publications. Fewer jobs are available for print publications.

Individuals interested in working from home can apply directly to companies they'd like to work for, bid for jobs on freelance marketplace websites or browse online job listings specializing in work-from-home opportunities. Workers may also apply to companies specializing in hiring home-based workers to serve the needs of their corporate clients. A pizzeria chain, for example, might contract with a telemarketing company to handle order-taking and submission. The telemarketing company routes the calls to its home-based workers, who take the orders and submit them to the correct restaurant.